Day 5

Started the day with a lie in today…didn’t get up until 9am and felt great for it. Feeling good today, motivated and full of energy.

Going to setup the gym in the garage today so I can get training as well as juicing (starting slowly)…had a nice brunch juiceĀ this morning:

1 Pineapple
1 Apple
1″ square of root ginger
Third of a Cucumber

This made a pint (about 500ml) of juice…and tasted great!

Day 3 & 4

A little more hunger issues, but not until I am around food cooking or cooking food for our boys. Feeling slightly grumpy as well, headaches from caffeine withdrawal are gone though thank goodness.

Enjoying the juice reboot apart from the above small issues. I am managing to keep off food altogether at the moment, and just reliant on the micro-nutrients and good old fashioned water!

Let’s see how day 5 goes…

Day 2

I have decided that I’ll post when I feel up to it rather than posting every day. I’ll try to update my stats each week.

Early this monring I had a headache which I can only put down to coffee, or rather a lack of it in my system. It quickly passed and I feel okay as I write this.

I have had nothing but juice since waking yesterday and to be honest it’s now 1pm and I feel good. I dont feel hungry (yet) and like the taste of the juice too! I hope things carry on like this, although I feel hunger might find me at some point!