Do you promote yourself?

This is a short snippet of a post, do you promote yourself? Your skills, knowledge and experience….you don’t? Well you should.

I advise you to get onto social media, get onto LinkedIn, get yourself a website and/or blog. Get business cards, join online and offline communities. If you are serious about your career, make people believe that you are!

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I want promotion!

One of my now ex-bosses once gave me a really great piece of advice, she said “if you want to be promoted, act like you already are”.

This does not mean start trying to be the boss in a literal sense, you’re just going to upset your colleagues, and likely your boss! But it does mean look at the responsibilities of the role you want. Are you already exhibiting the characteristics of that role, more importantly are you showing them every day. Remember, it’s not just the technical skills, but the mindset and character that you need to show.

Everyone it seems wants instant gratification in life, this is equally true of their work life. You don’t get selected for promotion just because you have been somewhere a long time. Your bosses will be looking for key skills and behaviors in you, that’s where you will shine and stand out from the crowd.

It is also pertinent to note that you need to vocalise your wishes. If you want a more senior role, tell your line manager (don’t rant to the team at large…this isn’t going to work!).

I have been fortunate enough to have excellent people in my teams. People that volunteer for the difficult or tricky projects, people that see the potential obstacles as challenges to take head on and defeat. This dogged determination if also key.

Learn, absorb and most importantly display every day, the skills and behaviors of the role you want. Make it known you want to progress, then take personal responsibility for your own progression.