Creating your own test tool

Sometimes you may need to create a tool that helps you in a specific task, perhaps not specifically testing but related to it. From my experience I have created tools that check and format EDI messages, or run data cleanup or tools that provide high level test estimates based on team / department metrics.

You wont always have development resource to help you create these tools, as a result if you cant create them then you wont leverage the efficiencies they bring.

This means it’s worthwhile learning a development / scripting language. As a minimum you should consider a universally accessible scripting language such as Python.

Remember though, that anything you create will more than likely have to be ratified by your IT team, especially in some industry sectors. You’ll also need to take ownership of that tool, it’s maintenance and source code storage (in case of audit, updates or incident).

Why not think about some of the tasks you currently undertake in your team(s). Is there somewhere you could use a bespoke tool? If so, why not get started as a self-learner and undertake a project to create your own tool.

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