How do you keep connected?

Being connected to the testing community is something that has always been important to me. There have been times when its not always been possible, but I continually strive to connect, share and learn from others in my field.

One of the most significant ways I have found is through the Ministry of Testing, a big online community dedicated to testing.

Another very good way to connect is via the various social media channels available to us all. I personally use Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter…all of which have advantages and disadvantages depending on what you are tying to achieve.

My personal list looks like this, maybe you could benefit from these connections as well. I have listed these with name, blog link and then twitter handle.

James Bach

Michael Bolton

Anne-Marie Charrett

Ministry of Testing

Rosie Cherry

Dan Ashby

Richard Bradshaw

Gem Hill

Heather Reid

Andy Carrington-ChappellĀ  (me)

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